Metairie, LA Audiologists

Do you find that you are having trouble hearing lately? If you live in or around Metairie, LA Audiologists at Nola Hearing are here to help! We want to be a part of your journey in dealing with hearing loss and get your auditory range back.  

An audiologist is a licensed hearing healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. You can even think of an audiologist simply as a “hearing doctor.”  

Audiologists are trained to: 

  • Examine patients using hearing tests 
  • Diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss in a patient 
  • Prescribe and fit hearing aids 
  • Perform ear or hearing related surgical monitoring 
  • Create and implement newborn hearing screening programs and other tools for children with hearing loss
  • Offer and implement hearing rehabilitation training techniques 

For those within the aging population whose hearing loss is naturally occurring and gradual over time we understand the difficulties you may be experiencing. Maybe you find that you are having to give more effort listening and voices around you are starting to sound like mumbling. You are not alone! Nola Hearing will be there to guide you in deciding what device will be best for you so that you will be able to hear again!  

When you first come in and see us you will visit with an audiologist. They will ask you questions so that they will be able to understand your hearing health history. Once we have your history you may take a few pain-free tests to help identify the degree or cause of your hearing loss. After that, we will be able to make a recommendation! 

Nola Hearing offers a variety of services like Hearing Aid Evaluation, Tinnitus Treatment Options, and even Musician Earplugs and Monitors! Contact us today to set up an appointment! 

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