How to tell if you have hearing loss?

How to tell if you have hearing loss

If you suspect that you or someone that you love may have hearing loss, it’s important to treat the condition sooner rather than later. The professional staff at Nola Hearing in Metairie, LA can you help you schedule your appointment, file with your insurance, and design a custom treatment plan to meet your hearing needs.

Signs You May Have Hearing Loss:

  • Turning your TV up louder and louder
  • Struggling to hear conversations
  • Finding yourself saying “What” often or being lost on what people are saying
  • Thinking people are mumbling often
  • A Family history of hearing loss

These are just a few of the most common signs you may have hearing loss, but there could other signs as well.

At Nola Hearing, we provide a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if you are in need of a hearing aid. Our hearing test is easy and non-invasive! The test generally involves wearing special headphones and raising your hand when you hear the beeps. The test does not take long and provides information to help gauge your hearing health.

If you suspect that you need a hearing evaluation, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We accept lots of insurance plans.

How to tell if you have hearing loss – React quick!

When you start noticing someone in your family is suffering from hearing loss, it is important to react quick, and not leave it as it is… It might not be your responsibillity, but we should be willing to help others!

Now, if someone is suffering from hearing loss, we won’t know how quick it’ll improve, or wether it is permanent or not, there is no real answer without an ear evaluation… For this we need to test the person in question as soon as possible! When testing how ever make sure you take your medical files with you (or the perons medical files).

We already gave you the answer on “how to tell if you have hearing loss”, but now its your turn to act on it! If you see someone suffering, or you personally are suffering… Don’t be scared, and contact us!

The reason i’m saying this is because people experience a lot of fear for contacting an audiologist, and the fear is misplaced! We won’t hurt you, and it might be a defining moment – we’ll help you and do anything to make sure you won’t stop hearing!

Sure, it might be scary and defining, but you shouldn’t forget we’re specialised in helping you – and we’ve helped many patients before. It ain’t always sure that you’re suffering from hearing loss, nor will it always be permanent. Sometimes you can just be sick, yea – a simple cold can get you hearing loss (temporarily)!

That is why you don’t have to be scared, yet – you have to be prepared for the worst… the reason for this is so you don’t get your expectations up, and get dissapointed in the end!

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