Hearing tests – do I need one?

hearing loss

This may seem like a silly question but hearing loss is gradual and not always the first thing our mind goes to. Some of the first things you may notice if you are having hearing loss is that people seem to mumble more then they use to. You may find that you are consistently asking people to repeat themselves. These are just a few of the signs that it could be time for a hearing test. Dr. Melissa Duthu and her friendly staff at Nola Hearing are here to help you and your family.

We at Nola Hearing have a lot of experience when it comes to helping people with hearing loss, and it still fascinates me but inspires me at the same time, every time I see people actually living again.

Because that is what happens… at a certain point, when you suffer from hearing loss, you’ll start living in a different way. You can’t enjoy music as much as you used to… your kids have to talk louder and louder, and when you start realising, it is almost too late!

This is why it is very smart to focus on the most common symptoms when it comes to hearing loss, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t suffering from hearing loss, knowing the symptoms might just save your hearing later in your life! So the answer on the question “Do I need a hearing test” is simple… Are you experiencing any of the symptoms? Not just that! It will never hurt to do a hearing test!

People might think you’re paranoid, but believe me – you’ll be thankfull if your hearing is intact, and if it is not? You’ll be acting just in time to do something about it!


What to expect at a hearing test?hearing aid

Our highly trained instrument specialist will collect a list of all your symptoms as well as your medical and family history. Then will start a series of tests based on your symptoms and history but none of the tests should cause any discomfort.

Most of the tests include wearing headphones and responding to a series of sounds and pitches. The test is short and can provide the audiologist with an idea of what may be going on with the health of your hearing.

If you think it’s time for you to come in for a hearing test, contact us to get an appointment today!

The key to prevent even more hearing loss, is to be quick… A lot of people act way too late, and sometimes it is even to late to do something about it. We can do a lot against hearing loss, as there are things like hearing aids. But if you think your hearing loss will just go over, and you just have to sit it out… you are wrong!

Hearing tests are important, and even when you think you don’t need one, you will realise how important it really is. Now, imagine you’re suffering from hearing loss, and it is decreasing… and decreasing, but you have no idea of what is happening…

…So at one point in your life you wake up, with barely any hearing – all shocked… You’ll go to a doctor, who will tell you to contact us or any audiologist near you, and there you’ll discover you were suffering from this all a long.

hearing test

While you could prevent all that… by just doing the hearing test!

Now, there is an obvious reason for people avoiding hearing tests… While the test is something easy, and doesn’t hurt at all… It is a big and scary moment in your life.

And it is this BIG moment, that makes people avoid it… because that one question is popping up, over and over again! “Am I suffering from hearing loss?” The answer to that question is a very big answer, for a lot of people!

But then, if you are suffering from hearing loss, we from Nola hearing can hook you up with the best of the best when it comes to hearing aids and can even provide insurance!

Why you should do a hearing test!

See, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you don’t need to do a hearing test, when you aren’t suffering from hearing loss… and I can’t tell you how wrong you are!

Losing hearing is something that happens gradually, and can go very slow! Specialists however can compare and actually tell you wether you are suffering or not.

Sometimes it can happen so slowly, you won’t notice the first years!

But the moment it kicks in you won’t know what is happening. This is why I often tell my patients to come once a year, especially if they’re a bit older – or do listen to very loud music.

This is because people on an older age seem to suffer more, and even though there are various of reasons… there are still a lot of ways to fight it! That way you can still enjoy your life to the fullest!

You can literaly pop the bubble that is creating itself around you, and understand people without yelling… How amazing is that? This is why you should do a hearing test.

Just so you’re prepared for the worst!

If you’re not prepared it can come as a shock, and cause a lot of sadness – you might even feel helpless… A lot of people even feel so helpless, they won’t do any steps to conquer their hearing loss. This is also mainly because a lot of companies don’t offer insurance with hearing aids, and all that… which we actually do.

We at Nola hearing care about you in person, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you hearing again! Lets make the right steps, and take the right precautions! This way we’ll have your medical files, and are capable of acting right away when things turn bad and your hearing… turns off! Contact us now, and enjoy our quality!